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Henrique Leis

Henrique Leis was born in St. Louis, Brazil. Before coming to Europe, years ago, Henrique worked in several international restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. Coming to the Algarve with his passion for gastronomy, he met his wife, Piedade, who encouraged and helped him to realize his dream of opening his own restaurant.

Today "Henrique Leis" is a well-established, high quality restaurant, situated in Vale Formoso, close to Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo. Dinha and Henrique offer their clients delicious cuisine on superbly decorated plates.

In Rio de Janeiro, Henrique worked with great chefs like Bocuse and Troisgros who also had a big influence on him. In 1987 he travelled to Europe where he has done more training in Italy, Germany, France. When he then opened his own restaurant he had his own cuisine, and ideas to cultivate here in the Algarve.

Henrique is very selective in buying and choosing fresh, quality products from all over the Algarve. Like many chefs, Henrique Leis also began his career in the "Nouvele Cuisine" days of the 70's. French Cooking is certainly their main inspiration, but from there, these chefs wave their own magic.

As a result of his travelling, absorbing the cuisines of other lands , his food displays great variety and understated creativity. He is energetic and highly creative with a eye for detail.

Today "Henrique Leis" is the holder of one Michelin star and proudly so.

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