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What is Eating-Out

If you got this far then you probably are familiar with the Internet and how it is changing every facet of our lives. Internet banking led the way and today we use the Internet for everything from booking movie tickets to helping the kids with their school projects. And, whilst not everyone has the Internet yet, if you look at the profile of Portugal's internet users and the profile of the average restaurant customer, they are almost the same.

Most restaurant customers have a selection of places they frequent and are often wary about trying somewhere new. This is where Eating-Out is changing Portuguese eating habits. The traditional restaurant guide has been around a long time in print but unfortunately it never stays up to date. It usually covers only a very small elite selection of the thousands of restaurants that are out there, is very expensive to advertise in and is not always around when needed. And if your menu or specials change, well, you have to wait for next year.

Eating-Out is an Internet based restaurant guide which brings the old printed version into the 21st century. First off is the sophisticated search engine, that allows the customer to find a restaurant by location, food type and ambiance. Additional categories allow them to fine tune the search to identify establishments with outside seating, live entertainment facilities, a smoking section and other requirements. They are then presented with a list of restaurants that meet these criteria. For many other on-line guides this is where the story ends. With Eating-Out, the experience is only just beginning. With the next mouse click the customer is looking at your restaurant page, complete with colour photographs, editorial, average price per head, trading hours etc.

If that's not enough, together with your address and contact details there is a map with detailed instructions on how to get to you. One more mouse click and your menu is presented with prices, including corkage, something many customers have asked for.

Go to our home page and you'll see what we mean. So what does it cost ? How long does it take ? How will we market the site ?

Read on.................


It should cost thousands. Magazine advertising does. PR company retainers usually do. But Eating-Out will become the defacto standard for restaurant guides because it's effective, it's powerful and above all it's affordable.
Collection of basic details and database set up No Charge
Professional photography, processing and loading of three pics No Charge
Setup Fee € 75
Monthly Hosting fee € 75 pm
Chef's Profile page for two months € 300
(Free Banner ad for 5000 impressions included at no extra charge)

All prices exclude vat.
You've spent a lot on your restaurant, rent, staff and of course your time and creativity. Now, for a couple of hundred rand you can leverage that investment and really get returns.

How long does it take and what's next ?

We need to visit you and get the basic details. We need to do photography. Add a couple more days for data capture and you're loaded. It's as simple as that. To find out more click here. Fill in the required information and we'll do the rest. 

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